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It's Getting Frosty!

  Dec 8, 2017   Demaree

No rain but plenty of cold. Hope you bought some frost cover.

Planting of both evergreen and deciduous plant is still going strong. 70 percent of the plants in the nursery are fine to plant now without damage from cold weather. Extreme cold below 28 *F. can be a problem. You’ll just have to wait and see. Oregon plants have arrived! Colorado blue spruce, Burning bush or Pieris are different from the same old plants and will add interest to any garden.

For those of you that planted winter rye grass. Use a winter fertilizer that contains nitrate nitrogen. It works fast even in the dead of winter to green lawns up. If you’re very careful, it’s a great fertilizer on pansies and winter vegetables.

Saw a article on Fire Blight disease in the Fresno Bee. The writer didn’t mention a new product to help control this terrible disease, especially on ornamental pears. Monterey Chemical’s Complete Disease Control will help suppress Fire Blight on many ornamentals. Application time is critical.

Time to prune! The leaves have dropped on Japanese maples, crepe myrtles, rose of sharon and other deciduous trees and shrubs. Do it now while the days are nice and not foggy. I always regret pruning in January when it’s freezing cold and damp. Uhhhhhhh!

Visit our nursery now for some fun christmas shopping. The Flower Connection from Easton has set up some beautiful decorated trees, all of it for sale. We also have fun wall decorations and garden ornaments for indoors and out.